Be Well Prepared for 100k Game at Beacon Bingo

By Vicky Duncalf - June 29 2012

Do you like to pre-buy your bingo tickets in advance? It certainly pays to spread the cost over the course of the month, which is why we are telling you all about the Hundreds and Thousands game at Beacon Bingo. This massive-money extravaganza plays on the last Friday of every month in the Loughborough Room, and it can't be missed. You can prepurchase your tickets at all times throughout the month, but we thought we would give you a heads up so you can be well-prepared.

If you are thinking that the name Beacon Bingo sounds familiar, you would be right. There are six Beacon clubs dotted around the United Kingdom, and they have been providing quality bingo since the 70s. If you are lucky enough to have a Beacon Club near you, then call in and support their venues too… as much as we love playing online bingo, nothing quite beats getting out there and mingling with players in real life, does it?

And how cool is this? The Beacon Bingo mascot is a cute parrot called Beaky, and he just won the Mascot Olympics 2012. He slogged his feathers off around a series of obstacle courses and races – we would just like to say well done Beaky!

So, roomies, join Beacon Bingo today to discover social bingo at its very best, and don't forget to give Beaky a cracker if you see him.

Beacon Bingo
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