Beat the CM at Bloke Bingo next Monday

By Dani Lee - July 1 2010

Bloke Bingo has a CM Trivia Quest night planned for next Monday 5th July which is sure to brighten you men up a little after the flop that was England’s World Cup failure.

Join in the fun by registering for a team and head to Room 2 between 7pm and 9pm on the night in question, you won’t be disappointed.

To get yourself registered you need to drop an email to [email protected] who will then sort out the teams and pass on all the details to you guys. The finer points will be emailed to all participating players on Sunday 4th July which is this weekend so keep an eye out for that.

Each team will consist of 10 players including one CM who will head the team. Hopefully, one of the Bingo Studio Live presenters will be leading one of the teams too.

Bloke Bingo will be giving away £200 in bingo bonus to the team who score the most points on the night as well as a virtual trophy with the winning team’s details on. The trophy will feature on the wall of fame for all to see.

The quizmaster is CM Star who will be posing the questions and awarding points for the first 3 correct answers. The first correct answer will receive 5 points whilst the second and third will get 3 points and 1 point respectively. In an interesting twist, CM Star will ask some CM only questions which will result in a forfeit for all CMs who answer incorrectly!

Make sure you send in your entry by Saturday 3rd July which is only a few days away so if you want to be there on Monday night, get your skates on and your thinking caps at the ready!

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    I think its a bit mean having a blokes bingo, as if they havent enough with football, cricket, racing, rugby, they have to pinch womens bingo! lol.
    I mite get my fella to sign up cos it looks a good promo.

    July 1, 2010


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