Bingo News: Become a bingo superstar with 888ladies

By Becky Mosley - April 23 2009

You may have noticed that the TV adverts featuring Vic Reeves dressed as a lady haven’t been on the TV for a while. Well they have now been replaced with new adverts which feature various women claiming to be bingo superstars. The adverts are quite funny actually, it’s a Ricky Gervais style of humour. One of the adverts has a woman who is making a music video and the bingo balls bounce against her head as she’s being filmed and she is explaining how the director has thrown the bingo balls at her because “You don’t choose the bingo balls, they choose you.” as if there is some deep meaningful reason for the terrible idea. The adverts are very clever and they appeal to the right market in my opinion, lots of people who play bingo tend to like a bit of celeb gossip, you only have to look at all the womens magazines I buy to see that!

888 Ladies recently changed their bonus from £10 free to £5 free but they are still offering the 150% deposit bonus. It’s still a great deal because they have huge guaranteed jackpots of £8,888. You definately wouldn’t get that with the smaller bingo sites.

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