Bet 365 Bingo player spins the reels and wins a mahoooooosive cash slots prize!

By Asin Agrawal - January 4 2011

When I use the word ‘mahoosive’ you know this is a very big prize, when I use the word ‘mahoooooosive’ you know that this is a mind-blowingly big bingo prize. I don't have any idea how I missed this news, however it has not been splashed all over the press as it should have been and it has been that awfully quiet hiatus in-between Christmas and New Year time. There has been a winner of the Clover Rollover and it all happened at Bet 365 Bingo! Instead of splashing this news far and wide, there is very dignified little piece at the site. Boy I would be shouting it from the tree tops but, Bet 365 Bingo has obviously got a lot more class than this writer.

Yup, it's done and won, the Clover Rollover spewed out £3,922,736 for member ‘taaloo1’ and it did this on Christmas Eve. Can you imagine the kind of Christmas this member spent, say nothing of the fresh start for the New Year he must be looking forward to?!

We have been waiting with bated breath for this magical slot to be triggered by some lucky winner, the last time it paid out and made a millionaire to the tune of approximately £1.5 million, now it has created its first multi-millionaire and lucky Bet 365 Bingo should get a huge amount of publicity mileage for their efforts.

Bet 365 Bingo is also only one of two bingo sites in the UK which gives away free lottery lines when you play bingo. Take advantage of this offer too, it is surely only a matter of time till that one lucky line drops a magnificent prize too – one line is all it takes to win!

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    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1" id="comment-508"> ryry121

    wow thats a lot of money that person won bet they over the moon with it though they will be haing an awsome new year this year well done

    January 4, 2011


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