Betfred Bingo bonuses as well as bingo at this site!

By Asin Agrawal - November 28 2010

Betfred Bingo are not known as the "Bonus Kings" without good reason, they may be on the same software platform and offer the same games as all other Virtue Fusion sites, however they have a few  great tricks of their own up their sleeve. For example when you get started at this site, they offer a £30 bonus for making a deposit of £10 and spending this money on bingo tickets. This is exclusive to the site and they also offer ways to win more money than I have ever seen before by taking part in some pretty amazing quiz activity.

There are two major quizzes at Betfred, both appear to be ongoing, although the X Factor themed quiz, may only last as long as this season of the show does. There are 10 questions, tons of fun and the chance to win £60 in a weekly Bingo-Factor Quiz. If you have been totally boring to your friends with your wealth of knowledge of X Factor, put your knowledge to the test at this bingo site and earn yourself some extra cash. First prize is £60, second is £30 and third prize is £10 – play on Thursdays at 9pm, and make sure you have bought bingo tickets.

Watch soaps – in particular Corrie and Eastenders? Play bingo on a Wednesday at 9pm and play in the Soap Suds Battle. The prize money in this quiz game is £80 in first place, £35 in second and £15 for the third place winner. Yet again it is one of the most lucrative quizzes I have ever seen online at any bingo site. Although quiz games are one of the most popular chat games by far, the most I have ever seen in prize money is between £5 and £10. Betfred Bingo puts their money where their mouth is for these exciting bingo games.

Betfred Bingo
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Betfred Bingo

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