Betfred Bingo – Credit Card Cash Back

By Asin Agrawal - January 8 2011

The credit card blues are usually much worse in a January than at any other time of year, barring except on the return from a summer holiday – that can be bad too! But in January we have just had Christmas and the New Year to contend with when it is all too easy to slap the old credit card onto the counter and pay for something that catches your eye. To ease your pain a little or a lot, £10,000 in cash is being given (just given) away to thirty lucky members of Betfred Bingo. All you need to do to bet in with a chance to win your share of this huge bonus money is spend £40 on bingo.

Winners will be drawn randomly, so the more you spend, the more chance you will have to win in the Betfred Bunker – just get out the old credit card again! Actually, take care how you spend, you have until the 31st January to get your spend in and this can be done with ease and not too much strain on your bingo budget. Prizes will be credited by midnight on Tuesday February 2nd just in time for you to pay off your credit card and use it again to buy something singular for your special valentine – it never ends, does it?

To ease your earthly burden and make sure you have some fun, Betfred Bingo members can enjoy VIP treatment with free bingo in the Bonus King room, Roomie of the Week awards, tons of free BB's and a £30 Sign up Bonus if you are registering as a new member. They also offer special sporting event themed promotions and we are looking forward to something special from this bingo site for the whole of 2011. They have certainly gotten the year off to a very good start, with this brilliant Credit Card Cash Back promotion!

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