Big Money Bingo Games at 888 Bingo This Weekend

By Dani Lee - September 23 2010

The weather forecast predicts bad weather this weekend so why not stay inside and keep busy playing bingo? 888 Bingo has a few bingo promotions which will keep you entertained and might even see some nice surprises heading your way!
In Genie’s Lucky Number all the players who bingo on the number 3 this week will get a share of £500 in points. Points may not seem that appealing but they can be turned into bingo bonus to play with on site so either way you end up with a freebie.
In Bingo Bud’s Bonuses there’s £100 in mystery gifts and points lurking around 888 Bingo’s bingo rooms. If you spot Bingo Bud make sure you hang around as he’s always dishing out bonuses to unsuspecting players.
Table Bingo is a fairly new feature on Sundays and sees players trying their luck at winning a share of 200,000 points in teams of five. If you’re interested in taking part you need to email [email protected] with your alias by Midnight on a Thursday. You’ve just missed out this week but you can take part in any week’s competition if you ensure you’ve emailed 888 Bingo by Thursday night.
The Instant Game Bonus this week will reward the top 3 winners on the video slot game Gets the Worm. There’s £35 to be won with a top prize of £20, second prize of £10 and a third prize of £5. Each week the rules change so there’s a different featured instant game and 888 Bingo might be looking for the top 3 wagerers or top 3 losers as opposed to the top 3 winners so have a look each week to see what’s what or visit Best Offers Bingo and we’ll tell you!

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