Bingo a Plane to Win a £2,000 Holiday at Tasty Bingo

By Tim Crump - May 7 2012

Now that summer’s well on the way and everybody’s thinking about jetting off to foreign climates, what better prize to win than a £2,000 voucher for Trailfinders?

Tasty Bingo have gone plane crazy with this promo: You’ll need to bingo an aircraft pattern on your card at the 9.45 game taking place on Friday 29th June, so the more cards you have to play the better. Fortunately the fun starts well before the main game, with free cards to be won if you bingo a selection of other, summery shapes like bikini tops and bottoms in games played from now until 26th June.

You can earn 20 or 250 points if you bingo these patterns, bingo the number 80, wager £1 on any 90 or 75 ball game or send the admin team at Tasty an email explaining where your dream holiday would be any why.

500 points and you’ll have earned one free bingo card, though obviously if you’re especially keen you can pre-buy them for just £1 each.

Trailfinders offer unbeatable levels of service and value on flights, hotels, cruises, car hire, hotels and tours all over the planet, employing the best senior travel professionals in the UK – so make a trip to Tasty right now and start building up your cards whilst you decide where to fly off to on your holiday of a lifetime.

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