Bingo and the law

By Kat Kynes - October 20 2015

For no reason whatsoever, we decided to take a delve into the recent bingo history books to see what ways in which people have got in trouble, just for playing bingo!


Portugal Controversy

In June 2013, 28 British people were arrested in Portugal for playing bingo. Yes, seriously. In Portugal, bingo is illegal to play if it’s not on a licensed premises. I suppose that’s fair enough, but the people in question were actually playing for chocolates and biscuits.

The Yorkshire Tavern, based in Albufeira, is owned by a British expat (if you didn’t already guess) and they thought they weren’t breaking any laws due to the fact they were only playing for fun, and chocolates and biscuits.

The police were tipped off by an anonymous passer by, who noticed they were playing bingo. 12 Police officers then stormed the bar and fined the owner of the bar €700 and her partner €500. The players were all given a fine of €300 and suspended prison sentence, which is fairly ridiculous. We hope the biscuits were worth it.

Tyre Slasher

In Florida, a man was arrested after he slashed the tyres on a woman’s car after she sat in his favourite seat.

The woman, Ethel, was out with her friends to celebrate her 88th birthday. The man then realised he couldn’t sit in his favourite seat and was told that they would not move. In a fit of rage he then went outside, picked up an icepick (?!) and then slashed two of Ethel’s tyres.

Once the Police were called, they told the man that they were going to investigate and he immediately apologised and said he was embarrassed. Ethel was obviously quite shocked and couldn’t quite believe that anyone could act that way.

It must have been his lucky seat, but you have to agree that his actions were terrible!

False ‘BINGO!’

Staying in America, a teenager was arrested after falsely shouting ‘BINGO!’ in a crowded bingo hall in Kentucky.

Austin Whaley, 18, reportedly ran into the bingo hall shouting ‘BINGO!’ and then refused to apologise when angry bingo players confronted him. According to reports, the game was stopped and disrupted for several minutes as players thought the game was over (the horror!).

An officer then asked for Austin to apologise. He refused. He was then handcuffed by the officer and taken outside into the Police car. Austin faced a $250 fine and up to 90 days in prison. Ultimately though he was just sentenced to stay away for the bingo hall for six months, which is probably fair enough.

Luckily, nobody can do that when you’re playing online bingo, so what’s stopping you? Check out some of our new bingo sites.
Have you ever seen anyone get arrested or in trouble with the law because of bingo? Let us know.

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