Bingo Basics – Where to Begin?

By Ben Barker - December 14 2015


People love to play bingo online ­ it means they can play any time of any day, wherever they have Internet access. The best part is it’s easy, convenient, and means that your chances of winning never have to end! But where do you begin?

We have brought together all the best bingo sites to offer you a high­quality game fulfilled with juicy jackpots. Your first step is to select the site best for you and then you can pick your game. With the choice of 30 balls, 75 balls, 80 balls, or 90 balls you can determine whether your game will be an in­depth one or a fast­paced thrill. Most of these sites provide a chat facility, where you can converse with your opponents throughout the game.

Now you can buy your cards and let the competition begin! Throughout the game, a random number generator will output a bingo ball with a number on. If your number matches, you can mark it off. As you can probably guess, more numbers are drawn until there is a winner! The bingo generator will continue to generate numbers until the winners work their way through the prizes. In the instance of two winners at the same time, the prize will be split.

Now, I’m sure you’re still questioning what we meant by ‘juicy jackpot’. Even the newest bingo beginner knows that the term ‘hitting the jackpot’ is a good thing, right? But what exactly is a jackpot? Well, if you complete the bingo cards in under a certain amount of balls you can win additional prizes. These prizes are called ‘jackpots’ and have a lot of money on offer. Needless to say, this definitely increases the fun of the game, but you bet you they aren’t easy to win!

Many sites also offer an auto mode facility. This means that if a break is needed at any point, this can be activated and will essentially freeze the game for a short time.

So now you know how to get started in the bingo world. Take the baby steps and you will work your way to the top before you know it. Winning at online bingo is sheer luck, and although they say ‘practice is perfect’, we advise that you don’t overplay the game. Your time to win will come eventually, just enjoy the game and have fun!

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