Bingo News: Bingo bill to be considered by California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

By Becky Mosley - September 25 2008

Arnold Schwarzenegger is considering a bill that would allow charities to offer online bingo throughout the state of California.

Unfortunatly smaller charities would not benefit from the bill as the technology would not be avaliable to them, but larger charities would be able to offer larger online bingo jackpots and would therefore benefit the charity.

The law SB 1369 outlaws the electronic machines used by bingo charities which is relied on for a large part of their funding. Remote Caller Bingo would allow online bingo at various locations.

If the Remote Caller Bingo was to be introduced then would trigger a clause in the Indian tribal gaming compact, according to the California Charity Bingo Association, which states that the casinos would have the right to offer gambling online if it is opened up to anyone else in the state of California.

“The extreme concern of legislative supporters of SB 1369 was eliminating the perceived threat of these charity operations to established gaming operations. This concern was so extreme that legislators didn’t take time to consider the long-term consequences and rushed this bill through the assebly and Senate in late August.”said Ravi Mehta of the California Charity Bingo Association.

California currently have a state lottery and this could be jeapordised by the changes. The lottery is one of the worst performing lotteries in the US.