Gala Bingo celebrity Sharon Osbourne defends daughter Kelly

By Becky Mosley - July 22 2008

FamousGala Bingo celebrity Sharon Osbourne leaps to the defence of her daughter Kelly Osbourne.

Australian comedian, Jim Jefferies, is the latest target after alledgedly making a joke about Kelly at an award ceremony. He apparently said that she was not as good looking as model Agyness Deyn, who was also present at the ceremony.

Kelly ended up spitting in the comedian’s face and shouted obsenities at him.

Online bingo celebrity Sharon was not at all happy when she heard about the joke and sent a fuming email to the comic along the lines of:

”Dear Nobody, Wait until you are a celebrity before you critisise REAL celebrities. Why don’t you f*** off!”

Jim Jefferies quickly responded:

”Dear Sharon, After you had all that plastic surgery and had all the fat sucked out of your thighs, why did you pump it into your daughter’sface?”

Oh dear, even though bingo Sharon is certainly not one to mess with especially when she has her claws out it does seem that Jim has indeed had the last laugh on this occassion.

Jim Jefferies revealed his encounters with the Osbourne women at a London show earlier this week.

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