Bingo Hollywood gets Winners off to a great start to the year

By Asin Agrawal - January 27 2011

The winner of the first competition of the year at Bingo Hollywood has got his New Year off to a great start as he will be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous; stars of British TV. "Alboy38" won two tickets to the National Television Awards (and the after party)! Imagine his neighbours' faces as the chauffer driven limo pulled up to his driveway to collect him and his date? Even better, imagine a night out with thousands of stars? Remember two runners up will also be getting their moments under the stars with the two Rasul exotic body treatments that were also up for grabs.

Speaking of thousands of stars; join Bingo Hollywood for a game called "A Night of 1000 Stars" of course the 1000 stars in this instance are 1000 scintillating pounds! This is a 90 ball bingo game with a guaranteed prize of £1000. It takes place every Saturday night at 10pm and you could be the next starry-eyed winner of this prize. But, the prizes get better than that, and as it's the end of the month, the prizes are even more star inspired.

The BlockBuster £5000 plays on the last Friday of the month at this bingo site, this is the game to look out for this Friday which is coincidentally, the last Friday of the month. Bingo tickets only cost £1 each and you can pre-buy these if you like. Now is also the time to start watching out for the next monthly promo – they always offer a star-studded deal and you want to get some of that for your self next time.

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