Bingo Hollywood will make you famous

By Becky Mosley - March 20 2012

Lights, camera, and super-duper bingo action at Bingo Hollywood! If you have ever dreamt of being the star of your very own bingo show, you need to hot foot it to Bingo Hollywood now. Not only do they roll out the red carpet for you from the moment you join with a juicy big free bingo bonus, you also get the opportunity to be Superstar of the Day. Every day, one lucky player is chosen to receive 25,000 Star Points. You will be the most popular person on the face of the planet, because any time you bingo in a funded room, all other players will receive 1000 points. Be in chat from 8 PM to see if you have been chosen.

Winning feels three times as good at Bingo Hollywood – if you bingo and get a hat trick in any funded 90 ball room, wonderful things happen. The chat moderator on duty will bang 5000 points straight into your account. To qualify for this neat little bonus, you need three cards in play, it's a simple as that.

Bingo Hollywood is one of our favourite bingo and slots sites – register today to play online bingo, and free casino Hollywood style.

Bingo Hollywood
Bingo Hollywood – Play Now

Bingo Hollywood

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