Bingo Liners Bingo Championships

By Isobel X - August 25 2010

Bingo Liner are letting their members win the competition numbers not once but twice in their latest Bingo Championship. Not only can you win on the numbers twice but you also get your winnings twice!

The aim of the game is to bingo on the selected numbers, once you’ve done this you have to try and do it all over again. The winners will get double the normal prize money for their trouble.

So make sure you have a pen handy and write these all important numbers down:

10 20 30 40 50 60 70

Once you have managed to bingo on each of those numbers, you will be crowned the winner of the competition and will win a bi fat chunk of the pot. All winners will receive a special mystery bonus which will be announced and credited on 1st September. We don’t even know what this figure will be but Bingo Liner assures us, it will be over £1000. You have until 31st August to get in on the action so don’t waste time, head over to Bingo Liner now and get busy in that bingo room.

When you register at Bingo Liner you will get £10 completely free as well as 200 free bingo trials on the games, no deposit required! This is a good opportunity for you to try the site out before you commit to a deposit and just because one person loves a site, doesn’t mean another will so why not take advantage of the free trail today?


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