Bingo Lottery Marginally better than a poke in the eye

By Becky Mosley - October 2 2013

A curious site indeed

Bingo Lottery is a baffling UK bingo site to say the least. I signed up to become a player, fully expecting free lottery tickets, a bit like Rollover Bingo. At Rollover, you are granted free lottery tickets with every £5 you spend on bingo, but at Bingo Lottery, there is nothing but a link to a lottery ticket site, where you can purchase tickets independently. DragonFish network sites are not known for their pleasing appearance either, and I must say, that Bingo Lottery is one of the ugliest, thanks to plain blue-and-white background, dodgy graphics, and pointless flashing animations.

£6000 in free games

I'm not really sure why you'd ever want to deposit at Bingo Lottery – still, there are £6000 in free games every month, so you can give the site a whirl without putting money in your account. Non-depositing players can play free bingo every day between 7 AM and 7 PM, every eight minutes. The jackpot is small at £1, but it's better than a poke in the eye. Once you make a deposit, you can play free games between 4 PM and 7 PM every 15 minutes. In here, the jackpot is £10.


Christmas Sleigh Ride

Good God, the Christmas promotions have already started. Who could be possibly be feeling festive right now? Still, some of those will already have the Christmas shopping done, and if you're that kind of organised person, you may want buy a £5 multipass for the £20,000 Christmas game. This takes the form of 20 games with a £1000 guaranteed jackpot – buy the Fiver multipass to receive a discount.


100% welcome bonus

Even the welcome bonus at Bingo Lottery is unremarkable – sign now for a 100% deposit bonus – this means if you put £10 in your account, you'll get a further £10 to play with.

Bingo Lottery
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