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By Becky Mosley - May 13 2010

Don’t miss Bingo On The Box’s Rhino £5640 Giveaway this week!

If you’re a lover of the Rhino or you just fancy getting your hands on some extra BBz you won’t want to miss out on the fabulous £5640 Rhino Giveaway at Bingo on the Box this week.
Every day between Friday14th and Saturday 22nd May you can have fun with Rhino’s those notoriously grumpy grey animals with a horn. These bad tempered beasts come from Africa, India and Indonesia and they do sadly get a bad press as they are actually calm, intelligent creatures with terrible eye sight which causes them to charge around blindly.

Here are some Rhino facts courtesy of Bingo on the Box;

  • Humans kill the Rhino for its Hor (the horn)
    The horn is made from Keratin the protein that makes up fingernails and hair.
  • African and Sumatran Rhinos have 2 horns whilst Indian and Javan specials just have the one.
  • Rhinoceroses have brilliant hearing and sense of smell to compensate for their eyesight and they live to about 60 years old.

Look out for the Rhino games in both the 75 and 90 ball rooms over the event days. In the 90 ball room you will be able to win an extra 4 BBz for a Full House whilst your lucky Nabors will each get an extra 1 BBz. In the 75 ball room you’re aim is to bingo on the Rhinoceroses pattern, win bingo on this baby and you’ll win an extra 6 BBz prize!

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