Bingo on the Box for a super Bonfire Night Bonanza

By Asin Agrawal - November 4 2010

While Bonfire Night stems from 12 malcontents in history who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament, including the famous Guy Fawkes, we remember it as a time where we light up the bonfires and fireworks, and enjoy some explosive outdoor fun. Bingo on the Box is remembering it by giving away stunning prizes in a Bonfire Night Bonanza. They have a super snuggly coat from M&S to give away, plus a pair of UGG Boots and a camera to capture your autumn and winter adventures.

If you are firing up a bonfire, this bingo site is offering a whole lot of tips so you don't waste all of that energy. Traditionally we serve up jacket potatoes, which my mum used to cook in the oven, but you can also do sausages on sticks, as well as delicious toasted marshmallows. Share some scary stories around the fire, and make sure you play online Bingo on the Box, to win some additional prizes.

This site also has Christmas wrapped up, with a fabulous Trolley Dash game which plays on Sunday the 18th December. There is £5000 up for grabs in this game, and what a treat this will make, as this is the prize for the full house winner. One line wins £400 and two lines wins £600. That is one heck of a prize to give away to one winner, and someone will certainly be enjoying an extra special Christmas this year. The tickets for this bingo game only cost 50p each and we believe that this is an absolute bargain. We have seen another similar prize at another networked site for a £10,000 prize pool and they want £10 each for the bingo tickets. I can honestly say, I have never seen anything quite so ridiculous!

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