Bingo on the Box Pay a Compliment Giveaway

By Becky Mosley - November 14 2009

Bingo on the Box are giving away £4580 in their exciting new Pay a Compliment Giveaway running between 12th to 18th November.Some people find it hard to give compliments, some hard to receive them but Bingo on the Box want their members to all get in on the act and pay a bingo buddy a compliment during ‘Compliment Week’ and they will rewrad you with BBz.

Watch out for the Compliment Game in 90 Ball Bingo, if you win Full House on this game you will get an extra 4 BBz and your neighbours will win 1BBz each! Bingo on the Smile Pattern in 75 Ball Bingo and if you win you’ll get an extra 6 BBz. So thereareplenty of reasons to smile at Bingo on the Box with extra Bingo Bonus being awarded left, right and centre and don’t forget to compliment your online bingo buddies!

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