Bingo Pays The Bills at Bingo Fabulous

By Becky Mosley - March 18 2010

Bingo Fabulous try to live up to their name and offer their members great promotions and some fantastic prizes. At the moment you can play in the £1 Million Coveralls which take places three times every week, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10pm and on Saturdays at 9.30pm. If you like playing for big money this could be the game for you and you get three chances every week to take part so don’t miss out!

Bingo Fabulous members don’t dread Mondays like some people do as they know they are in for a treat with the Happy Hour between 4pm and 6pm every week. Players get double loyalty points in every chat game so sit down, get yourself comfy and have a giggle in what promises to be a very ‘happy’ hour, well two!

In the Centenary Club Room players have the chance to win the fixed daily jackpot of £100 for the cost of a 10p ticket. The game takes place daily at 8.45pm so don’t miss it!

And by far our favourite promo at Bingo Fabulous, has to be, Bingo Pays the Bills. At the end of every month, 3 very lucky players will get their water, gas and electricity bills paid! Every time players by a card in each of the water, gas and electric pattern games, they will earn one entry to the end of month draw. If they win that game they will get another entry into the draw giving you double the chance of winning! Come the end of the month the big draw will find 3 random players and will pay their bills so if you’re water, gas or electric bills are getting you down take part in this fantastic promo and Bingo Fabulous could be paying them for you!

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