Bingo Playground December promotions

By Becky Mosley - November 29 2008

I really like this, Bingo Playground are opening their chat rooms for December to non-depositing players. I wish a lot of the bingo sites did this as they miss out on the true experience when playing their free bingo.

Also between the 1st and the 12th of December they are running a promotion called ’12 days of Christmas’. The player who deposits the most on each day wins a box corresponding with the day of the month, for example on the first of December you get the prize in box,

Boxes are as follows:

  1. £25 cash
  2. 100% bonus
  3. £35 cash
  4. DVD & 30BBs
  5. DVD & 50BBs
  6. 150% bonus
  7. £40 cash
  8. Xmas goody bag
  9. 200% bonus
  10. £100 cash
  11. Xmas goody bag
  12. 4 DVD’s & 100BBs

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