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By Zoe X - October 25 2010

Halloween Arcade and Casino Tournament
Come and have a devilish time with Bingo Sky this October and play in the Halloween arcade and casino tournament which is playing from Monday 25th of October till Sunday the 31st of October. Make sure you play in the Halloween Themed Video Slots first because if you win on this you could have your money doubled! The Halloween Themed Video Slots are located in various places which are:

• Frankie’s place
• Mystery Manor
• Monster House
• Scary Night

Pick a Player
Fancy winning some extra BB’s? If you do then come to the Club Lounge Room whilst a host is on duty in chat. If you win bingo the host will enable you to pick another player in chat to give a prize to them. Depending on what number you win on will depend on what BB you and your chosen person win. The host keeps a board with 2-10BBz’s on. Once a number has been won on and picked from the number board it can’t be used again. You must be in chat to win this bingo game. Also to win this game you and your chosen player must have bought at least four bingo tickets for the game and be available to chat to the host at any time during the game. Winnings will be forfeited for both players if they fail to answer the host so make sure you’re paying attention!

Bingo Sky are offering new members a free £25 no deposit bonus at the moment and they will also triple your first deposit up to £300 which is very good!

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