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By Asin Agrawal - December 30 2010

If there is any intelligence in gaming, it will be found at the online industry news site – Gaming Intelligence, this is where we go to get all our high brow online gambling news. They have been discussing spectacular successes as well as what may have gone wrong for a few bingo sites and unfortunately has been filed under 'what may have gone wrong in 2010', as far as the industry is concerned. They have closed this year on another new software platform and according to CEO Tarnie Williams at the time, he believed "the change to the Unibet system (early 2010) to be the correct decision.” Unfortunately UK players do not seem to have felt the same way!

This bingo site has without a doubt got the best domain name in the industry, it could not be more apt for search engines or searchers. It is just such a shame that the switch to Unibet at the beginning of the year saw UK players migrating like rats from a drowning ship. This mass exodus of players from was due to the fact that Unibet did not cater for UK tastes. The UK online bingo player is sophisticated and knows what is available and the lack of scheduled jackpot games and promotional bonuses saw the site's profits in the second quarter plummet by 71%.

After results such as this, it is hardly surprising that Tarnie saw the error of his ways – had a change of heart and now has the site going onto Playtech through Virtue Fusion. Although he still says that the Unibet move was part of the transitional plan, as expensive though this move must have been!

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