Blackpool Club Bingo massive Jackpots!

By Becky Mosley - August 18 2008

Blackpool Club Bingo are giving away some mega jackpots including a massive £5000 guaranteed Pay-Day Payout special!

The biggest Jackpots will be won in the Cloud Nine room. On Friday evening uk online bingo site Blackpool Club Bingo gave away a huge guaranteed jackpot of £8000 to a lucky player! Every month they will be then giving away a guaranteed £5000 jackpot Pay-Day payout special.

There will also be a £50,000 Coverall Jackpot for the first player in the Cloud Nine room that wins in 45 balls!

Soon every player in the Cloud Nine room at Blackpool Club Bingo will have the chance of winning from the new Progressive and Speed Jackpots beginning at £500!

Blackpool Club Bingo are introducing some new games with big prizes so that means more chances for you to win!

Blackpool Club Bingo
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