Blackpool Lights Giveaway at Giggle Bingo this week

By Dani Lee - September 3 2010

September starts with a brand new giveaway at Giggle Bingo so let this one illuminate your week with £4460 in bingo bonus to be won. Keep your eyes peeled for the Blackpool Lights Game between now and 7th September for the chance to win extra BBz. There’s an extra £4BBz for the Full House winner and an extra £1BBz for all of the winner’s Nabors.

Blackpool is home to the biggest and best illuminations in the world and this week they’ve even got Robbie Williams switching the lights on. I read in magazine that he’s actually taking a mini honeymoon there with his new wife so if it’s good enough for Robbie!

Giggle Bingo always give you some background info on their chosen giveaway theme so here’s some facts for you:

• The festival began with a simple ‘flick of the switch’ back in 1879 when the sum total of 8 arc lamps were put on show.
• The rumour of 8 arc lamps being on display obviously impressed many people because 100,000 people showed up to see them!
• The display has now grown to over a million lamps, let’s hope they’re energy saving light bulbs!
• There are also over 500 floodlights and spotlights there to make sure that the million lamps are properly illuminated.
• The Blackpool Lights is so huge that preparation starts 22 weeks before the show imagine if someone accidently tripped up on a wire….
• It takes another 9 weeks after the festival to take the lights down.
• The illuminations are worth £2.4 million.


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    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1" id="comment-361"> ryry121

    sounds great they have some great lights to always busy though guarenteed but worth it for what they look like. the game seems pretty good lots to be won

    September 3, 2010


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