Something a bit different – Bongo’s Bingo

By Ben Barker - November 20 2015

Bongo’s Bingo is already a hit in Liverpool, where it amassed a steady cult bingo-mad following, Bongo’s Bingo has set down roots in Manchester. The night’s host Johnny Bongo works the room into a spell, amping up the atmosphere with bizarre rituals that have the crowds in bits. The popularity of Bongo’s Bingo is yet another pointer towards the fact that bingo is becoming more and more popular with younger players. All out to have a good time, a few drinks, a fun chatter and play a bit of bingo, the driving forces behind Bongo’s Bingo aren’t all too different to the ones that keep online bingo ever-growing.

Bingo nights are an ever growing popularity as the game itself continues to grow, with more and more of us loving it. As Bongo’s Bingo would prove, everyone loves a good party with all the main requirements taken care of. Good food, drinks and entertainment is essential and bingo can help you with that last past. Here’s the low-down on how to plan and throw the perfect bingo bash.


courtesy of Jack Kirwin

Bongo’s Bingo – Manchester Albert Hall, Photo courtesy of Jack Kirwin

Get the drinks in

The best way to kick off a good party is with a drink in hand. Serve up some ‘Bingo’ cocktails to make sure your night is themed in success. The cocktail is made up of equal parts of vodka, orange liqueur, apricot syrup and lemonade.


Something to take home

A major hit for birthdays especially, bingo themed party favours go down a treat. Gather up the bingo ball-shaped treats, such as M&M’s and Skittles and close up the bag with a bingo-ball keyring to keep the memory of your party alive.


Serve it up

A bingo-themed buffet is sure to entertain and fill up your guests. Everyone loves a good novelty-treat, so take advantage of the theme and get creative with it. Whip out the icing and line out some numbers of chocolate ball-shaped treats and roll out the rest of the bingo-ball shaped snacks, such as savory eggs and meatballs.


Look the part

A themed party is never complete without a few decorations. Keep it bright and colourful just like those bingo balls. Blow up your balloons and have a go at writing numbers on them with markers. Use bingo tickets as table-top confetti to really set the theme.


Play bingo!

The most important tip comes in last, a total essential to any bingo-themed party is the game itself. Get some inspiration from our exclusive offers page and to make a real night of it, why not play along with friends during the party? Print off bingo cards or have a go at designing some inspired from your favourite games and be sure to hand out a bingo dabber and ticket to everyone playing. Get yourself a prize to hand out at the end of the game or a few little ones to ensure more people get a treat.

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