Bonus Fever grips Prime Scratchcards this weekend!

By Dani Lee - July 30 2010

Over the next couple of days Prime Scratchcards will be offering their members some deposit specials as part of their Bonus Fever event. Today you can get 20% bonus on your first deposit of the day, tomorrow there’s a 30% bonus up for grabs and on Saturday you can claim 40% on your first deposit of the day.

On Sunday 1st August you get to choose your bonus with a choice of either 20% deposit bonus on £20 deposits or a 50% bonus when you spend £50. If you can afford to go for the second option, you’ll start the month with a healthy looking balance and have plenty of funds to keep you busy playing games at Prime Scratchcards. Don’t worry if you forget as that’s not the end of Bonus Fever!

Oh no, on Tuesday there’s even more bonuses to be had with 20% bonus on your first three deposits of the day. Make those deposits count to get the maximum amount of bonus.

You’d think that would be all the bonuses Prime Scratchcards would be stumping up after their generosity over the weekend but on Wednesday 4th August they seem to have gone completely mad and have another bunch of bonuses for you. Your first deposit on Wednesday will be awarded 10% bonus, your second will receive 20% bonus and your third bonus will get an extra 30% added to it. No one can say Prime Scratchcards don’t know how to keep their players happy, can they?!


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