Brand-New Coin Drop Game at Diva Bingo

By Vicky Duncalf - September 23 2012

It’s not just jackpots you can win at Diva Bingo – introducing the ‘What a Week’ promotion. These are four different contests where you can split cash with other roomies. For instance, in Cherry on Top, if you are in amongst the five players to call house most on the cherry pattern, you will split a £50 prize. In Banknote Bingo, if you are one of five players to wager the most on games without a win, you will share a £50 prize. In Instant Cash Splash, finish amongst the five players to wager the most on any instant game to split £50, and in Lucky 7, call house most on the number seven throughout the week to split a £50 prize. Sure, you’re not going to win much, but it’s a nice little sweetener.

Also new at Diva is the game Kachinga. This is a simple coin drop game where you can win millions of bonus points. To get a go on the game, just deposit £40 each week, and then don’t forget to claim those coins.

Sign up today to play free bingo no deposit, and to spin the wheel where you could win up to £2500.

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