Break the Code at bet365

By Carol Iles - August 2 2017

bet365 is a favourite playing spot for many online bingo lovers, and with a host of excellent games and brilliant promotions it’s easy to see why.

There’s a new promotion running over at bet365, it’s called Codebreaker, and it’s running for almost the entire of this month (ending on August 27th, 2017).

About the promotion

In order to get involved with this exciting promotion, all you need to do is opt in, and then play at one of five of bet365’s most popular bingo rooms, Bargain Bingo, The Catwalk, Mojo Lounge, Superstar Bonanza, and Tinsel Town.

Every week there’ll be a new code to break, starting each Monday, and every time you call one-line, two-line, full house, or roll on prizes featuring ball numbers from the weekly code.

Match one or more code numbers and you’ll get 12 tickets to the 10 weekly bingo games that are running in the VIP lounge at bet365 every Tuesday.

Match two, three, or four numbers for a prize, the more you unlock, the bigger the prize.

On top of that, for every £10 you stake at selected rooms at bet365, you’ll win 12 tickets to each of ten prize-filled games during the Party Hour in the VIP room at bet365.



Unlock numbers of the code at bet365 for one of a few exciting prizes. One number will win you 12 tickets to each of the ten party hour games, and two, three, or four numbers will win you an increasingly large share of £250 in cash.

With a new code to break every week, and prizes to be picked up here and in the Party Hour games, bet365 is a great place to be for the next month if you are an online bingo fan with a passion for cracking codes.

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