Carlton Bingo – Where did all the promotions go?

By Asin Agrawal - November 30 2010

Here I am looking at Carlton Bingo and reading all the reasons why you or I, should become a member of this bingo site. It categorically states – because of the "Fantastic Promotions". Unfortunately there are no "Fantastic Promotions"! Whether this online bingo operator believes you should be a member because already having 14 Locations in land bingo clubs in Scotland and Northern England justifies this – I really don't know. They really need to get some promotions going if they are going to figure at all in the UK online bingo landscape. Just having land clubs to their name is not going to crack this aggressively competitive market wide open for them?!

Of course if you are already a Carlton Bingo die-hard and they are the only brand you will play with even online, then I guess it is hard luck for you, because Christmas is coming and already the best sites are literally throwing prizes at their members. This site does offer you a welcome bonus of 200% on first deposits of between £10 and £100 though which is good.

It is also possible that I am being a bit of a wally and Carlton Bingo reserves any promotional information for players who are already members. If they do it is their loss, because there is nothing at this site that looks attractive enough to appeal to me to become a member.

They do say they have “money-can’t-buy” Carlton merchandise that they give away right, left and centre, so if you fancy a new tea towel for your collection this could be THE site to play at. Then again if you ask me, I would rather win a holiday to Egypt, a brand new Mini Cooper, or perhaps even £25,000 cash. If you want to know where to find prizes like these, I will tell you where you won't find them and this is at Carlton Bingo!

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