Bingo News: Celeb’s go mad for bingo!

By Becky Mosley - July 30 2008

It seems now that it’s not just ordinary folk like us that are going Bingo crazy, the celeb’s are at it too!

Lot’s of celebrities have discovered the joy’s of Bingo and are catching on to the craze!

We all know that Sharon Osbourne promotes the game but did you know she is an avid fan too? She does not get time to make it to the bingo hall so prefers to play online bingo and is rumoured to be quite a serious player!

Prince William has been spotted playing at a local Bingo hall at SandhurstMilitary Acadamy,he was apperentlyso impressed with the game he bought along 10 of his mates.

Other celebrities that enjoy a game of Bingo are Katie Price, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Robbie Williams so watch out for them in the chat rooms on bingo sites!

Rich or famous, or ordinary folk like us, we all love a game of Bingo and are sure to have a great time!