Celebrate Bingo Roulette’s first birthday at Tombola this week

By Becky Mosley - April 21 2010

It has been a whole year since Tombola Bingo launched their exclusive Bingo Roulette game which is one of the most popular games on their site. To celebrate it’s massive success, Tombola are putting on lots of lovely guaranteed prizes all week long!

The fun begins on Monday 19th and will continue through the week until Friday 23rd April. There’ll be guaranteed prizes up to £200 on all games between 8pm and 10pm each night. If you play in Mirage or Luxor you’ll pay just 10p per ticket and will have a £50 prize to play for. The Venetian Room offers 25p tickets and a £100 prize whilst Bellagio has the top prize of £200 and tickets are 50p each.

If you’ve never played Bingo Roulette before, give it a go and enjoy the fantastic prizes up for grabs this week as they won’t be around for long! The game couldn’t be easier, you buy a set of 8 coloured chips which randomly placed on the roulette table but you can move them if you have special numbers you wish to play with. You can purchase up to 4 sets of chips per game and each time one of the numbers containing one of your chips is called, that chip is removed. The first player to remove a whole set of coloured chips from the table is the winner! If you win in 10 spins or under you’ll scoop the jackpot which could be anything between £2000 and £10,000!

You won’t find the Bingo Roulette game on any other online bingo site as it’s Tombola’s baby and exclusive to them. If you want to play it you’ll have to be a Tombola member so register today, it’s pretty painless and only takes a minute and you’ll get up to £25 Welcome Bonus as Tombola will match your first deposit!

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