Celebrate Choctober at Fancy Bingo

By Dani Lee - October 10 2013

Celebrate Choctober in Wonderland

If you're looking for quirky new bingo sites, then click your heels, and disappear off to Fancy Bingo. Your host is the Mad Hatter, and he's inviting you to celebrate the month of Choctober in a very special way. That's because Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical is arriving in theatres, so he has lots of chocolate-themed goodies to give away. These include a trip to Cadbury World, theatre tickets to see the musical, a year's supply of free choccy, plus a chocolatey Halloween party.

Sink your teeth in

The next game is on October 16, and to qualify for free tickets, you must call a full house on the Truffle Pattern. Alternatively, with every £1 you play on Sugar Train, you'll get one free card. The prize this time is two theatre tickets, with £50 in spending cash. And you'll get in trouble if you spend that free cash on popcorn – chocolate only, please.

Fancy That Dance Mat

Every Saturday at 8 PM, the Mad Hatter gives away 1p prizes. This week, it's a Fancy That Dance Mat, then the week after, it's an iPod followed by a Nintendo Wii Mini. Why not pre-buy for all three games in advance, so you never need miss the chance to win a big prize for a tiny ticket price?

Instant Tourney marathons are here

If you are of a competitive nature, then the Instant Tournaments should certainly grab you by the bingo balls. Every tournament is open for 2 – 3 hours on a Friday, and you only get five minutes of play time. Talk about dramatic. Keep your eyes on the live leaderboard, and see if you can reach the very top but please remember to play responsibly.

300% first deposit bonus

Join the Mad Hatter and his chocolate-fest this October – but firstly, you must collect your 300% deposit bonus when you deposit £10. 

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