Celebrate Guy Fawkes with Ok Mag Bingo

By Dani Lee - November 5 2010

Visit Ok Mag Bingo this weekend and join in the Guy Fawkes Bingo Tourney. These special bingo games will take place in the Autumn Room which will be open for an extra 3 hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to cover the special event period. Stay indoors in the warmth and try your luck at winning the Guy Fawkes Bingo Tourney which is certainly a lot safer and could prove to me more profitable than going to a fireworks display.

Later on in the month this bingo site will be offering their £1000 Guaranteed Game which is set to take place on Saturday 27th November. This game will be held in the VIP Room at 11pm so it’s a bit late but definitely worth it. Tickets cost just 10p so it won’t break the bank to take part either. You can pre-buy your tickets from Tuesday 23rd November so if you think you might miss the game itself this is definitely worth doing.

The ongoing Arcade and Casino Tournament is still happening and will offer up 10 winners each week. To be one of these lucky winners you need to have the most aggregated winnings and you could win cash, credits or loyalty point prizes.

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