Chat your way to bonuses when you play bingo

By Vicky Duncalf - May 2 2012

Think playing online bingo is just a matter of watching the balls counting down and typing HOUSE when you win? Think again. All online bingo sites have something called a Chat Room, which means you can message other players while you play bingo online. Much like the chat facility on Facebook, the chat room on a bingo site is a virtual room where players can socialise. Chat rooms are presided over by a Chat Moderator, aka a CM. A chat moderator keeps the atmosphere in a chat room fair and friendly, welcomes new players, organises chat games, and congratulates you when you have won a game.

This is one of the main differences between playing  in a bricks and mortar bingo hall, and playing online – in a real bingo hall, chatting is strictly forbidden during games, but when you play free online bingo games, it is actively encouraged.

Chat rooms fulfil a variety of functions for lovers of online bingo – they are an exciting place to get to know new people, to keep up-to-date with old friends, for flirting, and, perhaps most importantly,  participating in Chat Games. You can usually participate in any chat game as long as you have cards in play, and the prize is usually free bingo bonuses. So, just how can you increase your chances of winning a chat game?

One of the most important ways is to be punctual. Don't wait until the last moment before you sign up to play a game. Get your seat early because often, a chat game will close moments before the game plays. Wait until the chat moderators has decided on the game, put your name down as quickly as you can, and prepare to win. Bring punctual is paramount.

It also helps to familiarise yourself with Chat Language. Chat-speak has developed into a dialect of its own – it's fast-moving, abbreviated and to be fair, difficult to understand unless you are in the know. One of the main types of chat speak is acronyms – where the first letter of each word is used to create a new phrase. You're probably  familiar with words like LOL and ROFL, but what does 10x mean, or AFK? It would pay to swot up on a glossary of chat acronyms and get up to speed –it means  you can type quicker and stay in the know.

It also helps to stay up-to-date with current affairs and celebrity gossip. Not all chat games involve numbers – some involve quizzes about what's going on in the news and with celebrities. Chat games are fairly light-hearted, so there's no need to get clued up on the Renaissance or mediaeval monarchs of the Middle East, but staying abreast of what's in the news can help you mop up those free bingo bonuses.

It also helps to play chat games on a regular basis – the more you play, the better you will get. Play as many games as you can, and watch those free bingo bonuses mount up. If money is tight,  playing chat games is the perfect way to top up your bankroll. Popular chat games are called odds and evens, birthday bingo, Lucky Gem, roulette and many more.

Also, if you play free bingo no deposit at a site, you can participate in a chat game before you make a deposit: getting to know the chat moderators, the roomies, and the feel of the site are exceptionally important before you deposit.

And most importantly, enjoy playing chat games – they're meant to be fun, after all. Test out new bingo sites, look for the best deposit bonus, and check out the bingo promotions before you deposit.

Most online bingo sites operate chat games a couple times every hour, so you'll never more than a few minutes away from winning. Good luck in finding your favourite chat games, and get ready to have fun.

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