Christmas promos are really cooking at BBQ Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - October 17 2015

Halloween is right around the corner, but the good people over at BBQ Bingo don’t seem to care. They’ve already waved adios to their Halloween themed promotions, and are already gearing up for a busy winter via their Christmas crackers and New Year novelties.

Sleigh Party

Christmas is still over 9 weeks away, but nobody seems to have told BBQ Bingo, who are already begging you to take notice of their nifty new Noël deal, the £30K Sleigh Party.

The £30K Sleigh Away runs all December, with a guaranteed £1,000 jackpot bingo game taking place every single day, at 8pm GMT. Players can purchase tickets to this extravaganza for just £1 a card, or they can shake a leg and snap up an even cheaper deal. Any player who decides to pre-buy tickets can get a 30 tickets for £5 deal, known as a Santa’s Multi-Pass ticket. What’s the catch? You only have until the end of November to snap up those deals.

sleigh away

New Years Eve

Once this Christmas present is wrapped, it is time for the £2,016 Midnight Madness New Year’s Eve game, so called because it offers a total pot worth £2,016 in all. This game is played on December 30, at 23.59pm, but if you aren’t going to be in, you needn’t worry. You can still buy tickets and go out on the town, and if you win you’ll be informed of it by e-mail. Unbelievably, tickets are already on sale for this promotion too, and can be bought via the promotions page at BBQ Bingo.


midnight madness

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Autumn may be rapidly fading from view, and Halloween has been kicked out of fashion, but Christmas and New Year are coming in a big way at BBQ Bingo. You have to be in it to win it, with these red hot bingo games this winter.

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