City Bingo offers their Main Attraction bingo game to players

By Becky Mosley - November 18 2014

Sundays are set to get electric at City Bingo, with the advent of the Main Attraction game. This new bingo game will take place every Sunday at 9pm. The basic idea is that this is a snowball bingo game, with the jackpot decreasing in size the longer the game goes on. This bingo game is open to all players at City Bingo, every Sunday night.

If you can call bingo in this game between 24 and 29 balls, you will win the top jackpot of £5,000. Failing that, if you can call bingo between 30 and 40 balls, you can still win a £3,000 jackpot. Players can win £2,000, if they call bingo between 41 and 45 balls, whilst calling bingo between 46 and 50 balls will net you £1,000. Finally, calling bingo with 51 or more balls drawn will see you win £500.

Free play for exsisting players at City Bingo

Every single Main Attraction bingo game will be worth a guaranteed £500 prize, so this 75-ball bingo game is definitely worth a look if you play at City Bingo. The game is free to all players who have deposited in the seven days, and all players can claim just six cards. Considering that it costs nothing to play, has a guaranteed jackpot of £500 and a maximum jackpot of £5,000 – who wouldn’t want to try their hand at City Bingo’s Main Attraction.

If you’re not a member though, you won’t be invited. So, it is time that you signed up then, isn’t it? All new players who register at City Bingo for the very first time, can claim a 300% match deposit bonus on their very first deposit. They will also be entitled to play free bingo games, where a £10 jackpot is own every hour.





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