Do virtual gifts have a place on bingo sites?

By Isobel X - August 25 2010

I have just been having a nosey around for some bingo gossip and came across something on the Joy of Bingo website. There is a snippet about virtual gifts coming soon…

Joy of Bingo are the network that the likes of Wink, Posh, Tasty and RedBus Bingo are on, so they obviously know their bingo players and what we want, or do they?

You may have already seen virtual gifts used on sites like Facebook; you may have even received or sent anything from a virtual kiss to a virtual punch, or even a teddy or a flower. The list of them is endless, the worst thing about them is you can become a little snowed under with them and the best thing about them is they cost zilch!

So why are bingo sites going to be using virtual gifts then?

Well it seems that Joy of Bingo are giving us bingo players the chance to send each other good luck charms , birthday balloons and hearts and stars. I quite like the good luck charm idea, we all need some luck after all when we are going for that big progressive jackpot or we have 1tg I suppose!

I think it’s a good idea to introduce new features to bingo sites but I’m afraid I just cannot get really excited about virtual gifts. It was a novel idea a couple of years ago when they were rolled out on the social network sites but it’s not anything new.

It won’t stop us having a good chin wag in the bingo chat rooms and we can wish each other good luck in there for now anyway!

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