Don't miss out on a very Merry DOND at Mecca Bingo

By Peter X - December 24 2010

It is Christmas again and before you know it we will be counting the days until New Year 2011. Mecca Bingo has a very special promotion going with Deal or No Deal Bingo and we are hoping this prize will be won before the New Year. One thing is for certain, it will make more than one lucky players day; it will make for a New Year ahead with an entirely different outlook. There is more than ninety thousand pounds in the progressive jackpot prize of Deal or No Deal Bingo and this game is due to turn into an "Escalator" game.

While a PJP is generally a fixed prize game and the prize money in bingo can only be won in a certain amount of calls – in this cases DOND at Mecca Bingo has to be won in 31 calls. On Friday the 24th December the rules change and the ball calls escalate on a daily basis by one more call, until this prize is won. This means it gets easier every day to win the prize, and because more people will be playing; remember it is a PJP, the prize will escalate in accordance with this too.

Just think £90K to get you started in 2011 – if that is a nice thought for you, you also have to have a ticket or two in it to win it. This game is going to take some concentrated efforts by members to win, so be prepared to make an effort. Of course there is the off-chance that one member decides on one day that they are going to buy a half dozen tickets into the game and then wins. We never know what might happen in bingo games, it is such an unpredictable numbers game, and that is what makes it so darn exciting.

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