Dream Bingo; “Danni1987’s” came true, yours can too!

By Becky Mosley - January 17 2011

Much to both her shock and joy, Danni1987 found out that her dreams could come true by playing at Dream Bingo – it's all in a name isn't it? There was a super Trolley Dash Christmas promotional game taking place and she won the lions' share of the prize which was a whopping £4,000. Now if you think this was lucky – test this theory for random luck? Danni1987 also won the 2 line prize in the same game and this was £600! To say she was dead chuffed when she saw she had won the £600 is already an understatement, but when – wham bam, thank you mam; the house was called and it was her number, she must have been floored. She says she was actually in absolute shock, but dead excited about being in the room to see her winning unfold.

You too, like Danni1987, can become a fully fledged dreamer right now! Simply register with Dream Bingo to play, make a first deposit and they will give you free bingo money to spend right away. They offer a £200 deposit match; which is 200%, so to earn £200 free, you would need to deposit £100. Not everyone has £100 to stick in as a deposit at a bingo site, especially not right now after the extra expenses of Christmas and the New Year. That's fine; deposit a minimum of a tenner and still get 200% or if you like, £20 free to play bingo – you could be their next big winner!

There are some nice special offers still going this month in the Cash Injection, Ladies Night this Friday, Bonkers BBz Bingo on the 22nd and 23rd January, a Guarantee Gatecrash on the 29th, Wednesday Prize Nights with iPods, Theatre outings and a Digicam up for grabs, as well as a whole schedule of prize giving. Find out for yourself at Dream Bingo and size them up; see if you think they could possibly make all your bingo dreams come true?


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