Dream Bingo Great Grandparents Giveaway

By Becky Mosley - February 22 2010

At Dream Bingo between 24th and 28th February it’s all about our Grans and Grandads as players are urged to pay tribute to those great Grans and Grandads.

Here are some reasons Dream think Grandparents are so grand;

” They always have wonderful stories to tell.
” As kids, they’d always spoil us rotten when our parents weren’t around.
” They brought our mums and dads into the world.
” They have wise pearls of advice and wisdom to share with us.
” They still like to spoil us, even as grownups.
” They knit amazing jerseys, scarves and hats for babies, children and everyone else in the family.

Because of these things, Dream Bingo has some very special Grandparents Game which are tons of fun and have some great prizes too.

In the 90 Ball Room you will find a special Grandparents Game where winning on one line gets you an extra 1BBz, two lines gets you an extra 2 BBz and a Full House gets you an extra 3 BBz.

In the 75 Ball Room keep your eyes peeled for the W-I-S-E Pattern where you will win an extra prize if you bingo on one or more of these dedicated patterns. Bingo on one pattern for an extra 1 BBz, two patterns sees an extra 2 BBz awarded to you and three or more patterns will get you an extra 3 BBz prize!

So celebrate the Grandparents in your life by playing these exciting new bingo games or better still get them involved!

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