Dream Bingo Progressive Jackpots

By Becky Mosley - October 28 2009

If you want to win big then Dream Bingo is the site for you with their Progressive Jackpots starting at £1000. To be in with a chance of winning £1000 or more then simply play bingo in the Day Dreamer Room thorughout the day.

To win the PJP you need to bingo in 42 balls or less, if no one wins the balls to bingo will increase by one ball every third day. When some lucky player wins the PJP counter is reset and the fun starts all over again. This means there’s more big winners and more often.

There’s another Progressive Jackpot which starts at £750 which can be found in the Sunset Strip Room which again sees an increase in balls to bingo every 3 days until there’s a winner!

If you’re a regular at Dream Bingo you might have noticed the new Maple Meadow Room which is also hosting another great PJP game. The C$750 Progressive Jackpot runs 3 times an hour and once more Dream will increase the balls by one ball every 5 days!

So get down to Dream Bingo and make the most of their amazing Progressive Jackpots.

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