Earn Moon Points with Moon Bingo

By Becky Mosley - November 17 2009

There’s a rewarding loyalty scheme at Moon Bingo where you collect Moon Points and can then convert them into bingo tickets or real cash prizes. Collecting Moon Points is easy and fun you can earn them playing Chat Games, referring your friends to Moon Bingo’s site, sending in your pics and comments on your bingo experience but the easiest way to collect Moon Points is to play online bingo!

You can check how many points you have via the Account page where you can also redeem your points, in turn Moon Bingo will credit your account with cash so you can go and purchase tickets for your favourite bingo games. 1000 Moon Points are worth £1 and you can earn a huge 10,000 Moon Points just for inviting a friend! There are between 1 and 10 MPs for bingo card purchases of various price and thousands of MPs will be given away daily in the Chat Games, even sending in a pic of yourself will earn you 250 MPs! You can even follow Moon Bingo on Facebook by clicking on a link on site, if you choose to do this Moon Bingo will give you another 2000 Moon Points!

You can earn Moon Points for practically anything at Moon Bingo and it doesn’t take long to accumulate enough to convert to a decent cash sum where you can go off buy bingo cards and potentially win big so it’s well worth collecting those points!

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