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By Asin Agrawal - January 24 2015

Almost every online gambling domain seems to have a loyalty program of late, but very few of them can compete with the kind of loyalty rewards that you can pocket, when you play with Jackpot City Bingo. Jackpot City Bingo offers you loyalty rewards left, right and centre, when you choose to play either bingo or casino games with them.

Simply log into your Jackpot City Bingo account and head over to any of the rooms, click on the loyalty tab and you will see how many loyalty points you have.

How To Claim Loyalty Points

The very first level of the Jackpot City Bingo loyalty ladder is the Onyx level. At this stage, players can redeem loyalty points for cash. However, if they advance to the Quartz level, they can also pocket 0.1% on extra loyalty points, and they only need 800 tier points to stay on this level.

You can increase the goodies to 0.5% extra loyalty points on Topaz, with 4,000 tier points needed to stay on this level. Advancing up to Emerald level can see you earn 10% extra loyalty points, with 8,000 tier points needed to stay at Emerald level. The same amount is required to land Ruby level loyalty membership. Players will also get 15% extra loyalty points at this level.

The highest loyalty level at Jackpot City Bingo is Diamond, and when you’re at this level, you’ll get loyalty points 25% faster. 25,000 tier points are needed to bag Diamond status.

Jackpot City Bingo Monthly Offers

Aside from their loyalty bonuses, Jackpot City Bingo also carries monthly offers as well as guaranteed bonuses every single day of the week. These daily bonuses can include more loyalty points, free spins or cash match bonuses on your deposits. For a most rewarding online bingo gaming experience, join Jackpot City Bingo today.



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