Easter Egg Cash Hunt on Now at Bingo MagiX

By Peter X - March 8 2012

It's time for you to meet the Easter bunny at Bingo MagiX. Introducing a cute and quirky promotion where you can win extra bonuses every weekend thanks to collecting Easter eggs. If you are able to win a full house, and bingo on any double number such as 11, 22, 33, 44, you will get rewarded with eggs depending on what the numbers you bingo on. For instance, if you bingo on the number 44, you will win eight eggs.

The Easter antics begin from the moment you register at Bingo MagiX. Every time you log in, you get given free eggs – indeed, if you log in seven days a row, Bingo MagiX give you seven free eggs. You also get free eggs every time you wager on bingo and instant games – it's £15 on bingo games, and £50 on slot games to earn one egg. You also get free Easter eggs if you deposit between £10 and £200.

And what happens when you collect 1000 eggs? You get to become a fully-qualified Easter Bunny, and you can start trading those eggs for £15 in cash. Indeed, if you collect 2500 eggs, you will become an Easter Basket. The cash/egg exchange rate shoots through the roof if you do this – you can trade 100 eggs to make £20 in cash.

So forget calorific REAL Easter eggs – the only ones you should be hopping after the ones at Bingo MagiX.

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