Enjoy Alien encounters of the Intergalactic Kind at Astro Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - October 23 2010

It doesn't get more apt than Alien Encounters at Astro Bingo and you can play this intergalactic challenge until the 28th October. Keep watching the skies for the next weeks as you receive sightings of new challenge bingo games. You can now enjoy close encounters of the alien kind with both UFO and MAN FROM MARS in this £5000 Challenge. Completing it will earn you an Alien Encounter badge for your badge board as well as entry into the tournament games. Each time you win this challenge another free fiver is yours and you are also given the opportunity to win £750 in cash prizes!

Visitors from another planet will be joining Astro Bingo and you in these games and you can check your status at any time to see just how close you are to winning. Play in both of these challenge games – they play twice an hour in Lucky Streak and Money Tree between 6am to 1am, then the tournament takes place in Madhouse on a Thursday at 9pm.

Fridays is a day not to be missed when you play at Astro Bingo; this is the day you can enjoy close encounters with free bingo, and they host the Friday Free-for-All. Find this in Lucky Streak between 9am and 12 Noon, also in Money Tree again from 9pm to 12 Midnight. These games play once an hour and pay £10 in cash! There have also been sightings of BOGOF bingo bargains in Fridays and these special offers show up in many games.

Most notably however, there is a whole week's worth of free bingo being given away every Friday at this bingo site, and as there is nothing better than free bingo with real cash prizes, these are must-play games.

Just spend £10 cash on bingo tickets anytime on a Friday to get entry into a draw to win £10 in BB's a day, for 7 whole days!

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