Feline Fine Venice Game at Kitty Bingo

By Vicky Duncalf - February 5 2013

At Kitty Bingo, it stands to reason that the rooms are named after cats. For instance, in Black Panther which is a 75 ball room, tickets cost 10p. In Winning Whiskers, which is another 75 ball room, tickets only cost 5p. And in Kitty Cat, you can play 90 ball games for just 5p each, and this exciting room also has a 1 TG feature. This means if you finish the game with just one number left, you'll still get a bowl of cream.

And forget caterwauling on the back garden fence, now you get loved up and win a trip for two to Venice. This Valentine's game plays on Feb 14 at 8 PM, and comes complete with £1000 spending cash . There are several different ways to win free tickets, one of the best and most exciting being the daily Facebook quiz. Also, if you play in the Venice Slots Tournament, you can win up to 34 free cards.

And if you've ever opened a tin of sardines near a cat, you'll know that cats can't resist fish. And that's why you can win a £100 sushi voucher every Sunday night. Oh how I adore these feline-themed games.

All the cool cats are signing up to play Kitty Bingo – sign today for £10 free no deposit bonus, and double your first deposit as well.

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