FIFA Specials at Ready Set Bingo

By Dani Lee - June 11 2010

It comes as no surprise that yet another online bingo site is running a football themed promotion but we’re not complaining as more promos means extra bonus and even more prizes for you guys. Ready Set Bingo has their very own take on the World Cup offers with their FIFA Specials; Football Mania and FIFA Patterns.

75 Ball Bingo hosts the FIFA Patterns offer which offers extra bonus for players who indulge in some 75 ball bingo in the Buckingham Room throughout June. Play bingo every day in the 75 ball room and collect the patterns for the chance to get your mitts on some extra bonus, easy! Between 8th and 13th June you need to keep an eye out for the F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L patterns, spell FOOTBALL and you’ll win £10 BBs. Between 14th and 20th June look out for the F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L-F-E-V-E-R patterns, spell this one and you’ll win another £10 BBs. From 21st to 30th June you’ll be aiming to bingo on the W-O-R-L-D-C-U-P patterns and this time you’ll receive a £20 BBs prize if you bingo on this pattern. As well as the pattern prizes you can also win the Full House so there’s lots of fun to be had and plenty of bonus to take away.

In Football Mania you get to play 80 and 90 ball bingo for free and what’s more you will be playing for real cash prizes. There’s a £9 Full House prize in 80 ball bingo and £8 Full House prize in the 90 ball game with smaller cash prizes for one line, two lines and three line wins. The 80 ball freebie games are available between 6am and 6pm daily and the 90 ball bingo games can be played between Midday and Midnight and each player can get their hands on 10 free cards and there’s also the option to purchase another 10 at 10p each.

Whether you enjoy the football or not, it’s certainly generating a lot of new and exciting promotions so let’s make the most of them and milk those extra bonuses and free bingo games!

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