Final Days of Amazon Giveaway at Eat Sleep Bingo

By Vicky Duncalf - March 28 2013

If you love to collect 75 ball patterns, then perhaps try the games at Eat Sleep Bingo. Every week, a set of new letters is unveiled – for instance, in March, all the words have had a food theme. This week, collect the letters that spell the word CHOC, and you'll go into a draw to win bonus points.

You've also got some time left to win Amazon vouchers. Each day is split up into three eight-hour periods, and if you are the last player to make a deposit during one of those periods, you will get your deposit back, along with an Amazon voucher. Annoyingly, Eat Sleep are not saying how much the voucher is worth, so you'd best have a chat with the chat moderator to find out.

Then there's the £6500 cash giveaway – every week in March, the top 20 players win a share of £1000, with £2500 in real cash to be shared amongst five monthly winners.

And if you think you're a bit of a brainbox, be sure to check out the Break Time Quiz. In this fast-moving chat game, you're asked 12 questions in 12 minutes – giving you the opportunity to win £12.

Sign at Eat Sleep now for a £15 no deposit bonus, and to join in the late March fun.

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