Forget the Luck of the Irish try Bingo Scotland

By Becky Mosley - November 2 2010

Punters in Scotland, in particular bingo and lottery players, enjoy some of the best luck in the British Isles and perhaps this is why we should take a look at Bingo Scotland. Before we look at this bingo site, let us unpack this theory of Scots players being lucky. One area in particular – Greenock is very, very lucky for some. As a bingo player was scooping up a win of £28,000 at a local bingo hall, another was claiming a £100,000 Lotto win elsewhere in the town. Just days before a regular player and her daughter went home with £7,000 from a bingo game played in the afternoon!

Apparently this has been happening for a while now, and we have also sent the results from surveys, which are definitive about the fact that Scots players just have more luck!
If you are a Scottish bingo player and you can't get out to the bingo club, you could do a lot worse than play at super Bingo Scotland. This is one online bingo site with true Scottish flavour and if Inverclyde folk have the Midas touch, why not give it a go and see if that rubs off on you? There are always great games taking place and some pretty stupendous prizes up for grabs so why not join today?

First off there are huge pre-buy bingo games where they give away super gifts like iPhones, Playstations, iPods, TV's and even Laptops. The TV prize is up for grabs every Sunday between 8 and 9pm, and there’s more info on the on site schedule for all the other prizes. Cash is also a good incentive to play and Bingo Scotland dishes out plenty of this, so play in the Coverall Peak, this is a prize with a minimum payout of £500 and a maximum of £10,000, all in a crazy coverall game on a whacky Wednesday night.

New members get a huge 300% welcome bonus up to £300 when they join so if you spend £10 you’ll get an extra £30 on top but you can get even more if you spend that little bit more. Why not visit Bingo Scotland today and see what you think?

Bingo Scotland
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